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Flipmine is a new and better way to source products for resale on Amazon FBA.


Developed by a Silicon Valley engineer, Flipmine's powerful engine is finding arbitrage opportunities as you read this. No uploading ASIN's, keeping lists of urls to scrape, or waiting around.


Whether you're new to online arbitrage or you do this full-time, Flipmine's devotion to simplicity makes it easy for you find arbitrage opportunities immediately.


Flipmine's workflow lets you source more efficiently. Filter out the opportunities that aren't of interest, and keep the ones that are.

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Find opportunities that nobody else is finding

Boasting over 1.4 billion live listings, eBay is a treasure trove for online arbitrageurs. Since eBay is a marketplace, you won't get diluted by hundreds of other sellers purchasing the same products.

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Source books like never before (Just Launched)

Many sellers exclusively sell books, and we're happy to report that we now support book sourcing. Flipmine is now able to powerfully source both new and used books, a great fit for those wanting to take advantage of a (nearly) ungated product category on Amazon.

Flipmine is new

And because we're new, we're heavily discounting the price for our first users.


Includes 7-day free trial. Cancel at anytime if you're not happy.

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