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The free trial is 7 days. You can cancel at any time during your trial, and you will not be billed if you do cancel.
The demo is nearly identical to the regular version of Flipmine, except it only shows opportunities that have already been purchased by others.
Please see our Pricing page.


Unfortunately not at the moment, but an expansion is planned. It will take some time though. Please email to be placed on our waiting list and be notified of our expansion.
Flipmine discovers over 1 million new products every day, and allows you to search all of its products in less than 2 seconds. There is no other platform (that we know of) that comes close to this data volume and speed.
Many users have told us that Flipmine is the most user-friendly online arbitrage platform out there! You can browse the opportunity feed without doing anything, or you can quickly target product niches using our powerful rule system.
Yes. Our research shows that eBay has the largest arbitrage pool (Flipmine discovers over 1 million products each day) when compared to any online retail store. By sourcing from eBay, you’ll find limited-quantity opportunities that you won’t find anywhere else, so you won’t be competing with other flippers for the sale.
Unfortunately some eBay sellers tie the wrong product information to their listing, and our system does not have a way of eliminating this. We’ve noticed that the number of mismatches/fake opportunities greatly increases if your search rules are too ambitious (e.g. looking for $10 books with $200 profit). See Finding the Sweet Spot.
Flipmine updates Amazon prices roughly once a week, and calculates the average prices over time. You can view the time at which the price was last updated by hovering over the '?' next to a given Amazon price. You can customize the timeframe for the average (e.g. 30, 60, 90 days) as well as the price type (lowest FBA, buy box, lowest offer) that is used in Flipmine's profit calculations. For more information on how to customize Flipmine's Amazon price settings, check out this article .
In short, Spotlight Mode allows you to find more opportunities with less work. With it enabled, Flipmine auto-applies filters that remove mismatches, getting you closer to the "sweet spot." If you want to see Flipmine's raw data feed (you'll see more opportunities but also more junk), disable this. For more information, see What is Spotlight Mode?


Possibly, but we don't think it will happen anytime soon. eBay has a consistent stream of new listings, and our research shows that only a fraction of these items are purchased by flippers. However, that there won't be any competition! Underpriced items go fast on eBay, regardless of who is purchasing them.
David (the founder) originally built it for himself, and it's still the only product he uses to source. We've come to realize that we're better at data and software development than we are at managing a large scale selling operation, so we've chosen to focus on that area. The market is also too massive for one person to dominate (see the question above).
Install the Flipmine chrome extension! It will automatically check your seller eligibility for all products shown on Flipmine.
Of course! Flipmine has been built on the suggestions and opinions from sellers like you. Click the chat icon or send an email to
Yes! Please click here for more information.

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